Monday, July 21, 2008

Where to play?

We've been trying to think of the best place to play...

Our criteria is for the location(s) to be a central location, have access to ride a bicycle or walk to, a large grass field, and to have lights for night games would be an added bonus!

This is the list so far, please share any ideas that you may have of places to play soccer (No goal posts necessary, we can just make them out of various objects if we have to):

- MLK Jr Park-Baseball outfield(MLK Jr Rd in downtown)
- Carrier Park multi-use field (Amboy Rd in West Asheville)
- Memorial Stadium field (behind Tourists Baseball park in downtown)
- Various other baseball fields where a game could be payed in the outfield (Weaver Park off Merrimon, West Asheville Park off Vermont, Walton Street Park, etc...)


Redliw1 said...

I've just moved to Asheville and am looking for low to moderate skill level pick-up soccer. I live in the Oteen (East Asheville) area near Azalea fields. Anything out there?

thepeoplearetryingtosleep said...

Hi, this is catfish. there is a soccer-fun-group that meets at McCormick field on sundays at 10 a.m. That field is great! It is very central, near the dripolator coffeeshop and right behind the Tourists baseball field. It is astroturf. I don't know about if/how they reserve the spot. This is exciting! Thanks for putting this together!