Monday, October 13, 2008

first game

well, our first game was a thrilling success! a really beautiful day and a serendipitous run-in with some 8-10 year olds made for an optimal experience of fun and learning. we discovered that our game coincides with the kickball game that happens in montford, so im thinking about changing the games to saturday, but this weekend it will remain on sunday, 10/19 at 4 pm...hope to see everyone there...

Friday, October 10, 2008


Directions to the Oakland Soccer Field.

--In General--
The field is near/on AB Tech(Asheville) campus at the crossroads of Victoria Road and Oakland Road. It seems very few people know about it, except maybe AB Tech and Asheville High students.

--The Specifics--
To get there...coming from downtown
From Biltmore Avenue, take a right onto Victoria Road (the road that AB Tech is on) and just before you come to the heart of AB Tech campus take a right on Oakland Road (opposite Asheville High School football field). The soccer field is located behind an office building at 41 Oakland Road. Also, If you know the campus of AB Tech, the field is practically across the street from the Hemlock building. The field is actually behind the parking lot of the office building (41 Oakland Rd), but you can see the field right when you turn into their parking lot.
I hope this helps, You can also google the map at the location(41 Oakland Rd Asheville, NC 28801) if it helps.
Hope to see you there and any questions just respond to this post. take care.

**********Oakland Soccer Field 41 Oakland Rd Asheville, NC 28801*******

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


ever find yourself at a bar, your eyes keep wandering to the professional bowling theyve got playing on espn when you know there is a perfectly interesting soccer game on espn2, or fox soccer??? well we have, and actually the idea for the acsc was born at the westville pub over beers, while sitting secluded by the pool tables, watching a major league soccer game on the tiny screen of their second tv. while some bars are more open to playing games than others, there is great strength in if anyone has a game they want to watch, and no tv (like us) let us know and we'll meet up and rally! i will try to post when there are some good games that well be going to...

sign up sheet

we have taken down the sign up sheet at the firestorm cafe. if you havent checked out the worker owned cafe it is more than worth doing. theyve got awesome coffee & food, internet, really cool events, literature, and lots of personality... anyway, instead of doing the sign up sheet thing we're just going to work off the blog for game and event info and have pick up games. for the people who initially signed up at firestorm, THANK YOU! the response was inspiring...

first game!

ok heres the deal...our first game is happening! we found a really nice field on the campus of ab tech off of victoria rd. we will be playing there this sunday at 4pm. if there is any interest in a carpool let me know and we'll try and set something up. i will have directions to the field posted by friday at the latest. questions? ideas? let me know...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flyers and Sign Up Sheet

ACSC Flyers are coming soon. Also, there is a sign-up sheet at FIRESTORM Cafe. FirestormCafe, if you haven't been there yet is a worker-owned cafe that recently opened and has great coffee and is a great space for the people of the city of Asheville to come together. It is located where Eaties cereal bar use to be, next door to the Thirsty Monk with an entrance on Patton Ave and in the back of the building.
Spread the word.......

Where to play?

We've been trying to think of the best place to play...

Our criteria is for the location(s) to be a central location, have access to ride a bicycle or walk to, a large grass field, and to have lights for night games would be an added bonus!

This is the list so far, please share any ideas that you may have of places to play soccer (No goal posts necessary, we can just make them out of various objects if we have to):

- MLK Jr Park-Baseball outfield(MLK Jr Rd in downtown)
- Carrier Park multi-use field (Amboy Rd in West Asheville)
- Memorial Stadium field (behind Tourists Baseball park in downtown)
- Various other baseball fields where a game could be payed in the outfield (Weaver Park off Merrimon, West Asheville Park off Vermont, Walton Street Park, etc...)