Friday, October 10, 2008


Directions to the Oakland Soccer Field.

--In General--
The field is near/on AB Tech(Asheville) campus at the crossroads of Victoria Road and Oakland Road. It seems very few people know about it, except maybe AB Tech and Asheville High students.

--The Specifics--
To get there...coming from downtown
From Biltmore Avenue, take a right onto Victoria Road (the road that AB Tech is on) and just before you come to the heart of AB Tech campus take a right on Oakland Road (opposite Asheville High School football field). The soccer field is located behind an office building at 41 Oakland Road. Also, If you know the campus of AB Tech, the field is practically across the street from the Hemlock building. The field is actually behind the parking lot of the office building (41 Oakland Rd), but you can see the field right when you turn into their parking lot.
I hope this helps, You can also google the map at the location(41 Oakland Rd Asheville, NC 28801) if it helps.
Hope to see you there and any questions just respond to this post. take care.

**********Oakland Soccer Field 41 Oakland Rd Asheville, NC 28801*******

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